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Fun Food For Fussy Eaters


Finding an uneaten lunch at the bottom of the bag each day? Here are a few fun ways to entice even the fussiest eaters in your family.

Tip 1

Keep It Warm

If your little one digs dinner, cook extra each night then heat and store in a thermal insulated container for their lunch.

Tip 2

Slice And Make It Nice

If whole fruits are being left unloved, why not cut into fun shapes and send along in areusable food container orbento box.

Tip 3

Add a Little Love to a Lunchbox

Want to leave a message to brighten your little ones day, why not use a non-toxic marker to write a message on a banana or orange.

Tip 4

Lucky Dip

Store dips inleak proof containers to complement crackers or corn chips. Yoghurts or cream cheese also work well to make fruit and veggies more appealing.

Tip 5

Pack a Smoothie

A fruit smoothie in aninsulated drink bottle or food jar is the perfect way to ensure your kids get that quick, energy fix before they head for the playground.

Tip 6

Make a Medley

Ice block moulds are not only great for icy treats, you can fill with long vegetable pieces (kids love gnawing on a whole carrot) or create a dried fruit medley that they can pour out and snack on throughout the day.

Tip 7

Freeze Some Favourites

Store home baked favourites in thefreezer, then pop in a food pocket or container and they’ll be defrosted by lunchtime. Find some deliciousreal food recipes here.