Insulated Lunch Bags

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Lunch Bag Size Guide​Keep home-made lunch and snacks or leftovers fresh with our range of insulated lunch boxes, lunch bags and totes. Our carefully selected range of gorgeous, easy-clean, non-toxic, BPA-free lunch totes includes the best plastic-free and recycled alternatives available. Choose from quality brands like MontiiCoPackItSo Young, Arctic Zone, Fridge-to-go, and Yumbox.

Bentgo Kids Lunch Bag
$39.95 $49.95
Sachi Insulated Lunch Tote
$21.95 $40.95
PackIt Freezable Lunch Box
from $36.95 $69.95
So Young Insulated Lunch Box
from $38.95
PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag
$39.95 $49.95
Bentgo Deluxe Lunch Bag
$39.95 $49.95
Yumbox Poche (Insulated)
So Young Lunch Poche
$48.95 $49.95
Fridge-to-go Medium Spare Panel
Out Of Stock
Love Mae Cooler Bag
Out Of Stock