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Omiebox is smarter bento box for healthier lunches. The Omiebox lunch box is a beautifully designed and award winning bento box with a removable insulated bowl and two temperature zones so you can store hot and cold food in one lunch box. Pack healthy, snacks, soups, salads, pasta's and much more. And rest-assured Omiebox is non-toxic - it's BPA/PVC/Phthalate-free. 

OmieBox 2.0 Smarter Bento Box
$72.95 $112.95
Omie Bottle (250ml)
OmieBox UP Bento Box
Omie Chill Freezable Pouch
$25.95 $30.95
Omie Tote
$49.95 $62.95
OmieBox Cutlery Pod Set (3pc)
$32.95 $39.95
Omie Cutlery Set (6pc)
$17.95 $32.95
OmieBox Snack Container
$22.45 $28.95