Bento Boxes

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Reusable, toxin-free bento boxes are a great way to pack a healthy, zero-waste lunch. Choose from a range a designs from top quality brands like YumboxGo GreenBentgoOmieboxB.boxPackitRussbeEver EcoLittle Lunch Box Co, and much more. And save time and hassle using our Lunch Box/Insulated Bag Video Guides and see what fits.

YumBox Original Bento Lunch Box
from $39.95 $44.95
Go Green Bento Lunch Box Set
OmieBox 2.0 Smarter Bento Box
$72.95 $112.95 Bento Lunch Box (2L)
$29.95 $32.95
YumBox Panino Bento Lunch Box
from $39.95 $44.95
GoBe Lunchbox
Bentgo Kids Chill Bento Lunch Box
from $46.95 $64.95
YumBox Tapas Bento Lunch Box
from $47.95 $49.95
OmieBox UP Bento Box
YumBox Snack Bento Box
$32.95 $34.95
YumBox Poke Bowl
Montiico Bento Five
Bentgo Kids Bento Snack Box
$29.90 $37.95
Bentgo Kids Bento Lunch Box
from $29.95 $47.95
Go Green Large Bento Lunch Box
from $46.95
Bentgo All-In-One Salad Container
$29.95 $35.95 Bento Snack Box
from $13.95