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Tips To Find Harmony during ‘Stay at Home’

Looking for ways find harmony while staying at home with the family? Try these simple tips to empower your children and free up some precious time for you.

  1. Pack A School Lunch For Home – stick to your school lunch routine by packing your kids school lunch in their bento box or lunch box in the morning. Then encourage them to help themselves to a morning snack or lunch when they’re ready. They can eat in or outside while you enjoy some quiet time. 

  2. BYO Hydration – ‘Mum/Dad, I need a drink”. If you've lost count how many times you’ve walked to the kitchen to get the kids a glass of water, try their school routine at home. Fill their reusable drink bottle (you or them) and leave in a designated spot so they can help themselves and stay hydrated all day long. 

  3. Smoothie Time – fill their spill-proof drink bottle or a reusable smoothie cup with a healthy, home-made smoothie or juice, and let them venture into the garden or lounge room to enjoy without the mess. 

  4. Stay Sun Smart – keep the sunscreen in a designated spot that’s easy for the kids to reach so they can slip, slop, slap before venturing out for a spot of play or exercise. And if safe to do so, same rule applies for insect repellent. 

  5. Love Leftovers – if your family enjoys leftovers for lunch, be sure to store them in sealed food container or with a reusable food cover so they stay fresh longer. And save the dishes by using oven proof containers to reheat warm meals. 

  6. Fun with Food – using your biscuit or sandwich cutters, let the kids cut some shapes out of their favourite melon or fruit and serve up a fun fruit salad for the family