Reusables Etc For Schools - Frequenly Asked Questions

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Reusables Etc For Schools - Frequently Asked Questions

How are commissions calculated?
The commission received is based on the price of the products sold before GST has been added.

Do I need to sell a minimum amount?
Yes, your group needs to make a minimum of $50 (ex. GST) in commission. Fundraising reports are produced on a quarterly basis (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct), and when you exceed $50 in funds raised your funds will be transferred to the nominated back account.

How do I place a fundraising order?
You enter your promo code when you reach the checkout. To see how to place you order visit our online demo.

What is someone gets the promo code wrong when ordering?
The promo code is captured in our system as you've entered it. Commissions can only be allocated if the promo code is specified at the checkout, so it is important to remind people to enter the correct promo code and follow the instructions provided in our online demo

How do I tell someone about this fundraiser?
Once you have registered your school or group, you can use our resource toolkit for a ready-made range of digital resources to help promote to your group.  

How do I know how much commission has been raised?
We will send you an email update to your group leader on a quarterly basis (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) to let you know how your group is going. 

How do I receive my commission?
We will calculate your commission and pay it to your group's allocated bank account (provided it exceeds $50 ex. GST) on a quarterly basis (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)

Can I raise funds on an ongoing basis?
Yes - we don't set an end date for your fundraising. You can either run the campaign ongoing, or set a campaign period if you think it will help you get a better response.

Can I use in conjunction with other promotions, discounts or offers?
No our system only allows you to enter one promotional code, so the 10% fundraising offer is not available with any other promotional discounts or offers.

How do I get started?

If you're a parent, parent teacher association leader, or school director you can register your school and we will contact you with details to get you started.