Food Storage Containers

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Piff the plastic pantry and store food and leftovers in non-toxic, BPA-free glass, stainless steel or cotton containers. Choose from durable, leak-proof, snap-lock and plastic-free food containers - perfect for home or eating out and about. Top quality brands include Lunchbots4MyEarthWean Green, Klean Kanteen and Green Essentials.
Glasslock Glass 9pc Baby Meal Set
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YumBox Original Bento Lunch Box
from $37.95 $42.95
YumBox Panino Bento Lunch Box
from $37.95 $42.95
YumBox MiniSnack
Go Green Bento Lunch Box Set
from $69.95
YumBox Tapas Bento Lunch Box
from $45.95 $49.95
Go Green Snack Box
Bentgo Kids Bento Lunch Box
from $39.95