Ten tips to save money & put a spring in your step

Here are some handy tips to help your hip pocket, and put a spring in your step knowing you're helping mother earth.

  1. Refill a reusable water bottle with tap water instead of forking our your hard earned for disposable water bottles. 
  2. Skip the juice bar. Squeeze a little lemon, orange, or fresh fruit juice into your water bottle. 
  3. Side-step the smoothie shop. Mix a delicious home-made smoothie in seconds at home and pour into an insulated drink bottle to enjoy on-the-go later that day. 
  4. Refill baby food pouches with delicious home made fruit puree instead of buying baby food from the supermarket. Cheaper, healthy, and waste free!
  5. Stop buying plastic cling film to cover leftover food. Choose a  non-toxic, reusable food wrap and make sure it’s easy to clean in the washing machine.
  6. Stop using plastic sandwich bags. Instead use reusable food wraps that are non-toxic and easy to clean. 
  7. Next time you visit your local barista take a reusable coffee cup for them to fill. Often they’ll offer a discount because they don’t have to supply cups (and you’re keeping disposable cups out of landfill).
  8. Dare I say it, brew your own coffee or tea instead and take it with you in the car or train in a spill-proof cup. 
  9. Pack a snack container with delicious fruit, nuts, and nibbles and do a pirouette around the snack food vending machine.
  10. Enjoy a hot meal at work but on budget? Heat up last night's leftovers and pop into an insulated food container and viola, you'll be the envy of all.