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Go Green Medium Bento Lunch Box

Drink Bottle

Great service, quick to send product. I would certainly buy products for Hello Green again.

Easy lunch box duty

Good size good quality beautiful design very happy

Great water filter

Bought this instead of the big shiney metal one. Set up instructions were a bit confusing but the video made it simple. We've been using it for 2 weeks now and are really happy with it so far

Love it so much I bought a second

Love my purchase. It keeps my drinks very cold for ages and doesn’t leak.

Great lunchbox!

Seals well, is great quality and a decent size

Stays cold! Amazing bottle!

I was very negative nancy about these bottles and I kept saying they are all the same as if they last that long and I was not convinced that these bottles hold there temperature of cold drinks as long as they say. I decided to buy one and try since the shop assistant said this tripple insulated and the bottle is the best one! I have a frank green one and I tried both and oasis won the test! She certainly was right! I made my water cold and added ice and I was gob smacked that the ice did not melt and the drink was still cold as and even after all day! I just keep adding more ice each day and the water never went warm. I highly recommend this and money well worth spend. Best bottle I’ve ever bought!

Amazing drink bottle my kiddos love theirs

great concept and execution

My 9yr old loves her new food container for school lunches. It is both esthetically great while functionally doing exactly what we need it to do, i.e. provide a leak proof, heat retaining container for wet lunches.

A huge hit

My daughter loves this drink bottle! It's light, it doesn't leak and it looks great. It seems well designed and really solid. I'm thinking I might even order one for myself.

The perfect lunch bag

These are great! Really big and fit a surprising amount in them. I have the b box lunchboxes plus a medium drink box and they fit just fine. The ice pack stays cold for a long time. Apparently they are machine washable though I haven't tried yet - that was a decent selling point though. The colours are great and my daughter loves it.

Best lunchbox for hot and cold foods

Great lunch box for travelling around with my toddler son. He loves the colours and it makes him feel like he's ready for school.

Cute cutlery set for omiebox

Nice product and colours. Love how it can be connected to the Omiebox for convenience. Stylish and helpful!

Great freezable lunch bag

So glad we picked the plain black one for my 3yo son - as he changes his mind with patterns all the time! Plus my husband and I have used it for our own lunches, on occasion!

Great reusable drink bottle for my toddler son.

My 3yo son loves this reusable bottle. Great to carry in bags, not heavy and good shape. I love that I can give him 'juice' in it, rather than the sugary prepacked juice boxes.

Excellent service and good quality lunchbox

Excellent friendly and efficient customer service from HelloGreen and great quality lunch box. Easy to open for kids.

Bento Lunch box set

Best lunch box ever my grandson just loves it

Fantastic little containers

We needed a small reusable yoghurt container for school and it’s perfect. The lid fits very tightly and it’s a perfect fit for the small insulated bag that we freeze each day.

Great lunchbox

Good-sized and well-designed lunchbox. It looks and feels durable, too. My daugher likes it.

Best bento lunchbox set yet!

I have only had these bento lunchbox sets for a few weeks but the kids and I absolutely love it. We upgraded from the smaller version as the kids have gotten older are eating much more. These lunchboxes are so spacious so we can fit a lot more variety in. The lunchbox itself is so easy to clean and The insulated bags come in so many great designs, the kids loved being able to choose their favourite ones.
I would 100% buy again, and I know I will be recommending these lunchbox sets to anyone and everyone!


We love these large compartments can fit a lot in each compartment


We love these drink bottles!!


I love this drink bottle! It's very sturdy, I have no worry that the handle or lid might break or crack. the lid can't get lost, and I've even been putting it in the dishwasher with no problems!
so much so I bought a second smaller size for smaller trips. definitely recommend

Amazing lunch box!!!

A friend of mine highly recommended Monti lunch box to me. Bought it here and I’m very happy that it keeps my kid food fresh and nice for the whole time. Also, fits my kid large Bbox lunch box.
Highly recommend it 😊

Replacement seals

I love that you sick replacement parts. More sustainable and economical. Thank you!