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Warm Winter Meals Without The Waste


There's nothing like a warm meal to brighten up a winters day. Here are some handy tips to help you enjoy a winter warmer without leaving waste.

Tip 1

Bounce Out The Door With A Hot Breaky

Breakfast is the most important meal of the don't miss out if on the move. Pack a warm porridge, fritters, or bacon & eggs in a thermal container with utensils so the kids or family can eat on the move. 

Tip 2

Take A Toasty To School

Delicious toasties are sure fire winners with the kids at school and kindy. Slice and send in insulated containers so they can enjoy warm at lunchtime. Try wraps to add some variety. 

Tip 3

Bring A Coffee Brew (And Save Too)

Brew your own coffee or tea instead and take it with you in the car or train in a spill-proof coffee cup or travel mug. BYO and save $2-$4 instead of spending at the cafe. For more savings tips view our previous post

Tip 4

Honey And Ginger (The Taste Won't Linger)

Brew a warm honey & lemon drink full of nutrients and pack in an insulated water bottle to enjoy later in the day. And use a stainless steel bottle instead of plastic to avoid lingering odours or leaching chemicals. 

Tip 5

Leave With Hot Leftovers You Love

Heat up last nights leftovers and pack in an insulated container to enjoy at lunch time. Soup, pasta, stews - enjoy at school or work or out and about with minimal fuss.

Tip 6

Take A Tub For Hot Takeaway Treats

If you're ordering a hot breaky, lunch or dinner on the go remember to take a reusable container and ask them to pack your meal to avoid disposable containers and utensils.