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You know, there are some really simple and satisfying things you and I can do every day to live better, save money, and protect our schools, communities and environment by living sustainably. Our humble blog hopes to share some practical tips and tricks to inspire and educate. So happy reading!

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Litter Free Lunch Made Easy

Packing a healthy waste free lunch doesn’t need to be hard work. Here are some easy tips you can adopt to help make nude food the norm. You’ll leave each morning knowing you’ve saved money, the environment and packed a healthy lunch that won’t go to waste!

  •  You’re plastic wrap wrestling days are over! Use a reusable sandwich wrap, food pocket or lunch container as a quick waste free way to pack sandwiches, rolls or wraps. Kids will love the designs and enjoy checking out their pocket or container each day to see what’s inside.
  • If sandwiches aren’t your style, then insulated containers allow more variety. You can pack a cold salad that will stay fresh all day, or keep last night’s leftovers in a thermal insulated container.  
  • A bento box is the perfect way to pack a lunch with punch. You can save money buying dried fruits, nuts etc. in bulk and add a range of fruit, vegetables or home baked goodies. Check out our Let’s Go Bento article for some inspiration.
  • Fill reusable food pouches with yoghurt, fruit purees, smoothies and jellies. You can also freeze over night for an icy treat at lunch time.
  • Re-usable cutlery made from stainless steel or bamboo is perfect to pair with your homemade munchies.
  • Say so-long to sugary fruit juice boxes! Fill bottles with water from home to save money and the dentist bills! A kid tough insulated drink bottle will keep water cool all day and is leak proof so no more puddles in the school bag.