Choose A Lunch Kit That Fits - Lunchbots Insulated Lunch Bag (Snack Kit)

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This insulated bag made is made from eco-felt (a material made from recycled plastic) and is specifically designed to carry Lunchbots containers including this bento box and dippers. Combine with reusable snack bag and drink bottle and you're set for the day. 


1. Lunchbots Insulated Lunch Bag - Pink
2. Thermos Foogo Leak Proof Insulated Straw Bottle - Pink 355ml
3. Lunchbots Dips Condiment Containers (3 Pack)
4. Lunchbots Duo Stainless Steel Food Container - Pink
5. Keep Leaf Reusable Baggie (Small) - Clover
6. U Konserve Ice Pack & Sweat-Free Cover - Magenta



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