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Mochi the Penguin is a bit lost, but luckily he's packed plenty of snacks and a drink to keep his energy up. This gorgeous insulated lunch box fits a drink bottle, snack box with handy compartments, a reusable baggie and ice pack to keep contents cool & fresh.   


1. Beatrix NY Insulated Lunch Box - Penguin
2. Thermos Foogo Leak Proof Insulated Straw Bottle - Blue 355ml
3. Lunchbots Trio Stainless Steel Food Container (600ml) - Blue
4. U Konserve Bamboo Utensil with Mesh Pouch - Sky  
5. Lunchskins Reusable Snack Bag - Aqua Elephant
6. U Konserve Ice Pack & Sweat-Free Cover - Slate



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